Asus HD 6750 Good enough for my setup?

My Pc Specs:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Overclocked @ 2.75 Ghz
Mobo: Asrock G31M-S Rev. 2.0
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster With Heatstink
Ram: 2GB DDR2_400
Display: Acer 15 inch
Resolution: 1280 x 800

I Just Ordered the Asus Hd 6750 Formula Graphics Card(AMD Radeon 6750):-

So, i wanted to know how much of an upgrade it will be frm my current GPU (9500 GT) And Will i be able to max out most games at my resolution (1280 x 800) ?
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  1. It will def. be a decent upgrade from the 9500GT but with your build and that GPU it will be hard to max out most games. You would need a little bit better setup for maxing some of the top games. But i must say it is decent mid-range card. Def. better than the 9500GT
  2. You will notice a massive difference enjoy.
  3. What's your power supply? The 6750 request a 6-pin PCI-e connector and if you have less than a 300W PSU, I think you should look more at a Radeon 6670.

    The 6670 would also be a significant upgrade.
  4. I Have a 500W Corsair PSU , With 6 pin Pci-e connector!.. So powers not the problem!
    Will my cpu bottleneck it, do i need to overclock more ?
  5. An E4300 isn't too bad--it should overclock over 3.0GHz though--just watch your temps when you first adjust settings. Don't leave voltages on auto, manually set them to defaults until you find that you need to increase one for stability.

    It should be fine with the Radeon 6750 though, both will bottleneck sometimes, but it's a decent balance.
  6. Agreed. Overall you'll be fine. I have the 5750 and a 1680x1050. I only play Source games (TF2, L4D2) and at 1050 I can max those games out. You should be able to crank a lot of the details up compared to your 9500GT. You won't be maxing out Crysis 1 with that setup, but its a good upgrade and balanced.
  7. Hey Thanx... Wont Be Playing Crysis.. But Even If I Do Play HIGH END Games, if i can get Medium settings, dat itself is a huge thing for me!

    I Mostly wud play Black Ops,Fifa 11,NFS Run,AC - 2,3!
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