Need help with wireless router upstairs, need connection in garage

i have a linksys wireless-n router wrt160n upstairs in my office. i work on computers in my garage & need internet access there for updaes, etc...
i do not want to run a 100' cable all the way down to the garage.
is there some kind of wireless unit that i can use in the garage to access my wireless signal for the computers i work on?
a bridge or access point?
i just want to have some kind of box that i can run an ethernet cable to the computer i am working on to get online for updates..
thanx in advance..
the fishman
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  1. What you need is an Access Point.
    Many wireless routers can be set as an AP. This would also give you more than 1 port to use.

    Best bet though would be to run the cable through the attic for better speed.
  2. thanx for the info, i thought that is what i would need...
    it would be a pain to run the wire through the attic, but you are right, the speed would be better..
    thanx again
  3. No, you need a wireless bridge.
  4. now i'm confused...

    what i want, is a box that i can plug in to an a/c outlet in the garage and have it pickup my wireless signal from the router upstairs.
    then i plug an ethernet cable from the box into a computer that i am working on and be able to go online. the computer should pick up the signal just like it was plugged in so there will be no need to install the wireless connection.
    that way, when i am working on it or when i have someone come over to look at and buy the computer, i can show them that everything is working.

    thanx again for all the help..
    The Fishman ?;o}
  5. Wireless Bridge - I have the exact same setup. I used a Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT firmware to create my wireless bridge.
  6. sorry, I was thinking Bridge but typed AP.
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