Ga-H77M-D3H with HD 7770 OC GPU

Ok so I have a GA-H77M-D3H MOBO Bios Version F4 paired with a I3 3220 CPU and a Giagabyte HD 7770 OC 1050mhz GPU .It seems to run fine during normal operations but took it into Diablo3 and it hung up 5min in. Do I need the flash the BIOS to F5/F6/ or F9? or does the board not handle the OC'd GPU?
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    If you want to flash the BIOS, go ahead. Gigabyte has @BIOS. It's the easiest to use flashing software. Anyway, what's your RAM and PSU?
  2. 4Gb G Skill (2x2Gb) as XP will not see anymore than 4Gb. And Im using a Corsair CX500 80+ PSU..

    OK Update. I've dropped the OC off the HD 7770 OC to 1000 Mhz on the GPU speed and left 1125Mhz on the Memory Clock, seems stable right now.
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