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I installed a ATI radeon 5450 1gb graphics card in my computer with a Abit fatality fp-in9 SLI motherboard and now when i boot the computer the system hangs for 30 seconds before booting. I hear all the fans start up and then after 30 secs the computer bleeps and starts to boot.

It is defo the gpu because when i put in the old graphics card it boots fine!

I thought maybe updating my bios was the best way to go but i got scared of by people saying its risky. I dont want to damage the computer when after all it does boot in the end. I have the disk that came with the motherboard and this has a live update flash uility and i wondered wether becaus eit was software supplied with it and its a live update weather it is a lot safer?

Does anyone have any experience with this please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s i have tried reinstalling drivers that not the problem
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  1. Could be your PSU?
  2. Its a 720 watt gaming PSU i think it should be fine!
  3. Hi its fine now. I just put the card into the other pci express slot and switched the SLI card round and for some reason i don't know it works perfectly now :) if anyone knows why i would be interested just out of curiosity
  4. So Is it in the Primary PCi slot now?
  5. its in the second one but i moved the SLI card round the other way so i guess it is.
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