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there are 3 types of cooler master psu in market in pakistan
1. extreme series (cheap one 70+ efficient)
2. gx series (bit expensive then extreme series 80+ efficient)
3. silent m pro series (expensive in all 3 also 80+ efficient)

want to know the diffrence between these 3 series and which one to buy bcz cm psu have good repo in parkistan and my 3 firends have cm psu of extreme series and runing pc realy well on gaming and in runing for 10+ hours
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  1. GX is fine , Silent M are 80+ bronze and some gold certified thats they are more expensive.
  2. GX series isn't good, don't load it up past about 50% load or its outputs get too noisy and it can damage your components. The eXtreme series is crap, don't load it up past 70% or it may not survive. The slient M Pro series is decent, those units are okay, but honestly you should look into something other than a cooler master PSU.
  3. silent series is reasonable. However look into corsair, seasonic, and antec.
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