ASUS POST Failure-Saber990fx+FX8120

So my issue this week has been a Bios Flash, on the recommendation of a friend I attempted to flash my BIOS via the update utility inside the OS. After the update my soundcard failed to recognize analog audio equip plugged into it. My Rig:
sabertooth 990fx R1
thermaltake toughpowergrand 850w
dual Sapphire Radeon 6850s
8gb GSkill Ripjaw 2133mhz (2x4gb)
2 120gb OCZ Vertex 3 sata 3 ssds
2 350gb seagate hdd sata 2
Lite-on ODD
Coolermaster V8 cpu heatsink
Coolermaster storm scout case(not permanent as I am currently building the permanent one lol)

logitech peripherals:

I was instructed by an ASUS tech support gentleman to reflash my bios to manufacturer settings rev0901 bios from the 1304 bios. after the flash it all seemed fine in windows. then i rebooted. the machine will not post. no beep just lights, whirring, and the heads on my seagates running.

i have cleared CMOS everyway possible, with and without battery in the mobo.

i uninstalled hardware until it was just the ssd OS drive, vga and cpu running. no luck

I would appreciate any details on how to resolve this situation because i use this in college work, work via the internet and to house all my personal files. I have a toshiba craptop to use if there is any way possible to externally flash the bios chip.

lastly, due to being a broke college student my father purchased a new bios chip. I told him many times to get the sabertooth 990fx chip and that he had to select the motherboard. I described the drop down tab/bar. he bought me a nice bios chip with the crosshair 3 bios on it. so i do have a bios chip laying here that fits but it still refuses to post.
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  1. Update:

    Spent around 120$~ at local shops. First one to reflashed bios chips, which I am suspicious of that fact but was charged a quick 30$ for two damn chips. Also apparently I'm an imbecile for using anything other than intel to the shop owner. Fanboy arguements aside each has their strengths and idc what you use. I just like Overclocking.
    Second shop tested in their rigs the individual pieces and found the mobo to be the only non booting piece of my rig. Supposedly Asus sent a FedEx box to rma my board but that was Monday and as you all can tell today's Friday.
    Is their any DIY methods to test this board and find the fault? I'm just hating not being able to do the server work or to do video editing for this long.
    I have a very nice multimeter and access to just about every tool imaginable via my fathers eclectic interests. I tried checking some voltages but there weren't any variances to spec I found.
    I am trying a couple oddball replacements to just try and figure out if something else is snowballing this problem but I'm just at my wits end now.
  2. In addition my CPU led indicator is now on and my CPU was tested and booted right up on another board. I'm so very lost now.
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