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Core i5 + SSD Vs Core i7 no SSD

My requirements

1) Gaming I all My pc should run all new games normal (I do not want extra fast just normal is fine for me . I not heavy or pro gamer .I play games once a week mostly I play Counter strike but I also like to go shot to new games sometimes

2) Vmware I wish to run Virutal PC . I would have 16 to 32 Gb of RAM but from process point of view what's best .

My question is should I got option A (Core i5 2500k + SSD) or Option B (Core i7 2600K no SSD)

and is it worth going for K unlocked CPU . if I m not planning to over Clock my CPU .
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  1. Core i5 2500k + SSD
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    The core i7 has 2mb more L3 cache and 100Mhz quicker CPU power and has hyper-threading, so not much. In games, the 2500k and 2600k are basically the same CPU. Most games won't use the 8 threads the 2600k has to offer, so the 2500k. Also, if you have a discrete GPU, and don't plan to OC, the 2500 or 2600 is what you want. The k series has hd3000 iGP instead of the non-k series iGP with a hd2000 GPU and an unlocked multiplier needed for overclocking. So, basically, the 2500 and an SSD would yield better performance overall and if you have a discrete GPU and don't plan to OC, the 2500 would fit you fine over the 2500k.

    Hope this helped! :)
  3. IT shouldn't matter at all in boot up times. It all matters about your drives.
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