Black And White Vertical Lines When I Play Games

Hi, I'm new to building computers and all that good stuff so I apologize if this is a stupid question. Sometimes, when I'm playing TF2 or Assassin's Creed Brotherhood the computer suddenly crashes and the screen has black and white vertical lines and the audio is messed up. I can't exit the game or open task manager and I have to manually reboot my computer. So I'm wondering if it's a software related issue or i should rma my video card, but hope it isn't the video because i would have to wait like 4 weeks for a replacement and it's a 6950 reference card. Also it's not overheating because it set the fan speed to 75 percent when playing games and the temperature on load is always below 65c.

i5 2500k
Asrock P67 Extreme4
Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2gb
Corsair AX750 watt
G. Skill Sniper 8gb

Pictures(Sorry for the quality because when taking a picture of a computer screen the image comes out a little distorted)
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  1. i saw this problem yesterday on my friend's pc also
    it seems that its either gpu overheating or faulty gpu i am not sure tho. since you said that your gpu temps are low it can be due to vram heating also may be a faulty gpu or can be ram problem also so try resetting the ram try to boot with a single ram and see, try all the rams one by one... if it solves the problem then you are lucky your gpu is safe :D
  2. Seems like its only Assassin's Creed Brotherhood that is causing this problem. Other games run fine.
  3. Quote:
    Try taking a screenshot with fraps?
    have u updated drivers?
    have u unlocked the card?

    im betting it's the game though

    I can't take a screenshot because the computer crashes and i can't do anything but manually restart my computer. Yes i have updated drivers and yes it is unlocked and no i don't overclock. I'm starting to wonder if its really the game because if the game is causing the problem should it just freeze the game or something not crash my whole computer?
  4. Quote:
    ^ HD6950 unlocked shaders?

    Yea the shaders are unlocked, but with modded bios not 6970 bios.
  5. I reflashed my card back and the problem is still there and its not Assassin's Creed Brotherhood that is causing the problem because the same thing happened in TF2. It also crashes in minecraft. I believe my card is defective. I'm testing my ram 1 stick at a time right now and i'll report back what happens.

    Crash on Minecraft (The Screen flashed and a third of the screen on the left side suddenly moved to the the right side of the screen, but when i print screen it the picture of my screen looks normal)
  6. Hi, i rma'd my video card and everything works now. Thx everyone for your help.
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