PC underperformance ?

Hi all

I've been seeking this forums for good advices for a while cause answers here are really helpful.
I've got a problem which i cant solve but it may be simpler then i think.

Since couple of months i'm playing internet MMORPG game called Return Of Warrior.
Game is quite old and not much demanding ( i believe ) but still when it comes to action my pc slows down to under 15 FPS!
It only happens when action takes place, other users around etc.
I was thinking that my PC is not enough for this game but my other PC ( my girlfriend's using ) works 100fps in the same

My config is:
- Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
- GeForce 8800 GT 1 GB
- 4GB DDR3 1333 cl9 ( just Integral )
- screen 22' on DVI

Other PC which works completely fine ) is:
- Core i3 550
- 3GB DDR3 1333 ( Integral )
- GeForce GTX430 1GB
- 20' screen on D-SUB

We both using Windows 7, DirectX 11, newest drivers from Nvidia website.
Fibre Optic internet 10Mbps

My PC slows down to 13fps with action and my girlfriends performs well at 70+ fps at the same time.
I was going through benchmark tests like 3DMark06 and my PC scored 13600
and 2nd one got 9300 in the same graphic test.
All other games like Medal of honor or Call of duty 4 performs at 70++ fps.

Does anyone have any clue what maty be wrong with my PC?
Or i'm missing something?

Thanks for help in advance

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  1. I would try reinstalling the game if you haven't already, the problem seems isolated to that game.
  2. Porbably a background program hogging rescources.
  3. If you have any background anti virus doing scans of accessed file they could be causing the large lag in game.
  4. @ mouse24

    I haven't tried that yet but it seems interesting
    The game is pretty old tho and it doesn't support multi cores (from what i've investigated) would that still be possible to put it on separate core or make it work on two cores?

    I switched off all optional applications from startup that could possibly take Cpu power, configured max performance in application at NVidia panel. Running the game i have max 1.7GB of ram usage.
    I was trying to analyse game processes, game mainly slows when many other users around therefore number of comeations increases and graphic calculations.
    I switched off windows firewall which could potentially slow down in the case of too many connections.
    Reduced graphic effects and resolution.
    None of those helped.

    I'm dealing with pc hardware like 10years but never came across with anything like that. Game seems to be in small % dependand on GPU.
  5. Have you tried any other games on your system. If they are the same i'm thinking a reinstall of DirectX.
  6. That's pretty odd. One thing you can do is run the game in window mode along with task manager to see if there are spikes in CPU usage when the game slows down. If so it could indicate some odd background process. If not, then it's probably a driver problem. Since you're using an 8800GT, which nVidia doesn't really support anymore now, it's possible that game just doesn't like your current driver version and if that's the case it's possible you can find others online with the same issue. Since it's an MMO though I think it's more likely the problem is with your LAN driver or settings. I assume that you tested both with the same internet connection. If you are using USB wireless adapters you may want to try swapping them to see if that makes a difference.
  7. @ kkkk1

    Yes i did.
    MoH ( newest version ) at full details and 1680 x 1050 80fps ++
    Call Of Duty 4 at full details and 1680 cx 1050 80fps ++
    Both in Single and Multiplayer modes works perfectly fine even i heavy action.

    @ megamanx00

    My next step will be trying to use 2nd PC GeForce 430 see how it would go.
    Previously i was using old drivers ( the ones supplied with a card on CD ) but if was the same.
    I've tried DirectX 10 as this version was supported by my card and DirectX11.
    My internet connection is on fibre optic cable from ISP to mine and regular LAN cable from router
    Both PC connected to same router, same type of cable.
    Tested transfer was 1.2MBps :/
    Today i dropped Windows firewall service to see if that bypass can release some power but not really.

    @ mouse24

    I've tried to put that game to other cores.
    Game itself has a client program file but starts by login.exe
    I've made modification trying to block login.exe access to core "0" leaving all others but app just crashes.
    I can change client app because it says i haven't got access to do so ( even i'm on admins account ).
    Also i've tried to change priority to "real time" but no joy.
    How can i gain access to change them? ( i was running client.exe as admin )

    What i'm thinking is, game in normal circumstances runs at 100+ fps. Once i've got other users on my screen, using skills
    performance goes down. But then firewall is dropped so all those connections not going that way.

    Its kinda difficult case since my game mates using much worst PCs with much slower config and still it works faster with them.

    I'm on Win 7 Ultimate and 2nd PC has Win7 Home Premium
    Whole thing is pretty weird.
  8. I figured out something, i'm still testing it but first tries giving me possitive result.

    I've got Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm / SATA2 3GBps 16MB cache.
    HDD space is separated into 2 partitions
    C: ( system ) - 50GB space
    D: ( data ) - 450GB

    I installed whole game in two location as follow-

    #1 C:
    #2 D:

    Game was working pretty slow on D:
    The one i ran from C: is reaching 200FPS

    I'm not sure if i'm right but here is my theory:

    Sice game was slowing down with the heavy action, animation etc.. Common sense tells me theese graphics are being loaded from far end of the drive.
    Still other procesess running in the background refer to the system files which makes HDD jump over entire disc.
    I moved it as close to the system as i could so read operations would take less time cause of shorter head movement.
    It kinda worked.
    Still testing.

    I wanted to share that in the case if someone was courious.
    My explanation may be cheesy and complete absurd but that is what i imagine is happening.

  9. A partition is only something Windows knows.In a physical sense it's still reading off of the same HD.Have you done a fresh install yet? I'm almost positive it's some other program or application thats hindering your FPS.Doing a fresh install should fix it.
  10. I have uninstalled this game completely and reinstalled from the scratch at both location.
    But i've left all services and programms without change.

    My idea was, in both cases:
    1. HDD head needs to jump continuesly between first sectors of the drive and last (as my D: is pretty full)

    2. HDD head jumps between first sectors and very next ones.

    Wouldn't operations be faster in that second case even that is the same hard drive?
    physically head takes a little less time to access.
  11. No i meant fresh install of Windows.The problem is that some other application or service is interfearing and not letting the game run properly.A fresh install of Windows should cure this.

    Usually the only thing that will make a HDD run faster is having all of the game data close to each other(in the same folder).That way it doesn't have to scan the whole drive looking for different parts of the game.Since the game is all in one place(you've made sure of that).And theirs no possible way of knowing which application is interfearing then you have to do a fresh install of Windows.Format or delete a section of the harddrive and then save all your stuff you want to it(music,pictures,etc.)That way you don't loose anything you want to keep.
  12. I've installed WIn 7 from the scratch but still the same :/

    I've contacted game team about this problem and they replied :

    " ...
    According to our developers, GeForce 8800 series graphics cards have severe problem with lower version of DirectX.

    The graphics cards are well known for serious compatibility issues with DirectX "

    What you guys think of it ?
    Is there anything else i can do apart of buying a new card?

    I was wondering if its incompatability game to all NVidia's or certain model...
  13. Well, what DX version is the game you play?
  14. On game site it says Direct 8.0c or higher.

    According to developers its card issue with Dx11 because card supports Dx10 ( even tho Dx11 is backwards compatible )

    I used Dx11 it comes with Win7 :/

    Have a look here : http://www.returnofwarrior.com/download/download_01.asp

    As i said game should work fine on almost any PC...
  15. Quote:
    hmm, if you have DX11 you still need to install DX8 9 10 etc and you need to let the program install there own version of direct x aswell :)

    That's not true, even though sometimes games ask you to at install.

    DX11 is downward compatible and includes all DX versions before. However, sometimes very old games can be using an outdated version of the DX driver they use.
  16. I assume if i can't uninstall Dx11 which is dedicated for Win7 the only option i have would be to buy graphic card that works with Dx11 :/
  17. The 8800GT should not have any driver issues with Windows 7. DX11 is marketing since many of the DX11 cards can't even use DX11 features (and any WQHL video card works for Windows 7).
  18. Is it possible at all that new Direct X 11 is trying to use sophisticated rendering methods, trying to make that game looks more pretty for the cost of my fps's?
    If i had Win Xp and Direct X9.0C using simpler graphic this game would possibly work faster ?
  19. Maybe i willl try to use different graphic card then.

    Just for reference, Crysis 2 on 1680 x 1050, full details works 39 - 67 fps ( min defined with heavy action ) on that PC but
    old ROW wont :)
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