Im confused

hi peeps iv just bought a matched pair a sticks for my rig (2x4gb) to add to the (2x4gb) i already have takin me to 16gb, the sticks are exact make and specs as what i already use, but they are low profile sticks i put them in my board reconises them knows they are they but wont use them, the system says 16Gb but usuable is only 7.95Gb? any help will be appreciated
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  1. What model motherboard. It might be a valid design limitation of the board.
  2. is it possible the low profile has a different voltage?
  3. it is because of the integrated graphics i think,if you have graphics card then turn off itegrated graphics on bios.if you dont have graphics card,then reduce the size of the memory allocation
  4. ok sry the mobo is asus m5a97 pro
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