Need Advice on building a new gaming rig

Here are some preference(I'm pretty new at this):

Budget:$1000-1200(Dont include monitor as I am gonna use my current one)

Processor: i5 Sandy Bridge
Cooling: Would prefer water cooling(Prebuilt) as I've heard they are really good and cases are less likely to be dusty(Don't know if this is true). I have checked out Corsair H60.
Cases(Preference): Cooler Master HAF 922.
Include whatever cd/dvd player.

A big note.. I would only be ordering from NewEgg to make use of their 12 month financing option. Thanks in advance!!!!!
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  1. I would go with an h100 or h80 by corsair , I have both and they seem to work great. if your into air try something cooler master v-series. I would also go with corsair dominator ram for this high end Intel build. Dvd burner something samsung or Lg would be best. Board Asus rampage series would be best with 6 slots for ram. Im going to do a bit of research and get back . I build for a living and I will get back to you.
  2. Okay thanks!! If you can make a list or even better link it in newegg. Thanks again!
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