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This is the card I currently am using. I constantly (depending on the game its more or less) get that annoying driver crash that appears to have been going on for quite some time. Interestingly enough with most mmo's I get a slight freeze and the game comes back after a couple of seconds. Black ops though it's a toss up which usually ends in the game coming back but at times it does crash the whole game. Fallout vegas is probably a 99% chance the games not going to recover and I end up having to hit shift 5 times to get the sticky keys prompt to come up which then allows me to exit the game and restart. Oddly enough I've found with Vegas if I delete my saves often and re-save it happens less (somewhat) frequently.

Why am I posting this? Well, I'm looking for information. This error (nvidia display driver stopped responding) apparently effects all (ATI/Nvidia) cards and is a function of windows. Apparently you can go into the registry or some such and hack fix it or something. I don't feel I should have to though.

My question I guess is, what cards/drivers don't seem to have this problem as much? I understand the 295 gtx is a bit old and I'm looking to upgrade in the reasonably near future. I'm currently running windows visa 64 bit with 6 gbs of ram. An I7 processor @ 2.67 mhz and an 850W PS.

More than anything I'm just sick to death of this error constantly popping up. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you have not tried already do a fresh install with driver sweeper. After you uninstall remove everything ati/nvidia if you had any remnants left.
  2. I did exactly that. Didn't help. Tried with multiple driver versions as well. Thanks for the reply though
  3. Is the card overheating ? When did you last clean it ?
  4. My son is having the same problem w/ his EVGA 295 GTX FTW .... not only wont it run at factory overclocked speeds, it won't run at reference speeds. Four RMA's later, same problem. Switched to borrowed Asus card, no problem.
  5. I've had drivers fail and restart. It's always been due to overheating. I wouldn't doubt if heat is an issue for a 295.
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