XFX AMD Radeon HD 6870 Black edition SOO HOT?

That's my card. ^

Anyways... My case is the AZZA TOLEDO (http://ncix.com/products/?sku=58307&vpn=CSAZ-301&manufacture=AZZA%20Technology)
The case comes with 1 fan at the front, 1 at the back, and 1 huge fan at the side panel.
My CPU is Intel i7 2600k (comes with the heat sink provided)
I have 8GB DDR3 with heat spreaders on them.
My hard drive and cd drive are fine. My motherboard gets kinda warm, but doesn't look like a problem

My graphic card has heat sinks and a fan, but whenever I play games for 20 minutes, it's really hot!
I touch the metal part of the card at the back of the PC and it's really HOT.
I just found out that the heat melted the HDMI sticker off from the cord...

I just bought a PCI fan card for $20, but it seems that it didn't do anything...

I'm not sure how hot it is, but using your judgement, do you think it's fine?
Safe enough to game for one hour?

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  1. Download HWMonitor and report to us wat your GPU temps are.The 6870's can get really hot.The max temp is 103c so thats 200+ degress in Fahrenheit.Theirs probably nothing to worry about,those cards get hot.Just tell us what your temps are and we can make sure if it's safe or not.

    The PCI fan card doesn't do anything because it can't reach the 6870's fan that all the way at the end.
  2. Really really hot to the touch is still reasonably cool for a GPU, metal at 60C is hot enough that it feels like its going to burn you and your CPU can get well past 60C perfectly fine. That GPU could get up to 90-100C and still be okay, you wouldnt want to keep it there for an extended period of time.

    Download a real temperature monitor like HWMonitor as suggested above and post the temps from that, subjective temperatures are no good at the heat levels of computer components, you need objective information from software.
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