Laptop has been shut down for a month now it wont start how do i turn it back on

Laptop has been shut down for a month, now it wont start, how do I get it to boot up when there no pwoer showing at all?
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  1. Plugged it in ?
  2. The battery is probably dead, try leaving it plunged in and charging for a while. If it still does not work try removing the battery and trying it on the power supply by itself. If it works without the battery and it will not charge then it is time for a new battery.
  3. Cord and Battery is less then a year old? replaced do to cord and battery dead. Also just replace input power a little over a month ago. Been working on it since, but got really busy and now it has been sitting there for the past month. No lights are on either. I have had it plug in for about two hours now still nothing. Any suggestion?
    What steps can I take to get it running again???
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