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2x Nvidia 460's in SLI or 560 and 460 running PHYSX ?

Hi guys,
Here is my Current Setup...

Phenom II 965 Black edition running 3.7Ghz
4GB DDR3 Crucial Balistix Tracer
1TB WD Green Sata HD
Nvidia GTX 460
Nvidia 3d Vision (Acer GD235hz)
MSI nForce 980-G65 MB

Im looking forward to the release of Battlefield 3 however im worried that my current Setup will have some trouble...

I wont likely be playing in 3d, im more interested in the multiplayer, however in saying that will my current system run it with everything on high (except AA and AF)?

If not, what would be the best path?

2x GTX 460 SLI


1x GTX 460 (for PHYSX)
1x GTX 560 (primary Video Card)

any ideas? suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Dont go in SLI because it cause a lot of problem... So get the GTx 560
  2. since you already have a 460, get a second one while there is still stock available. Otherwise you will have to find a good second hand one. a gtx560 is essentially an OC'd 460. With 2 x 460's you wont need a dedicated physics card, fps will be good. "Dont go in SLI because it cause a lot of problem... Make the GTx 460 PhysX and make this Evga 460 Primary and is also just $40 more but is worthed... [...] -_-Product" that is horrible advice.
  3. SLI will offer much better performance
  4. ^+1

    iam2thecrowe is right. LegendKiller's advice is bad. You'll have MUCH better performance the vast majority of the time running SLI'd GTX 460's than you will wasting a GTX 460 on PhysX.

    EDIT: Here's the GTX 460 1GB in SLI against a GTX 560Ti, which is better than a GTX 560.
  5. Thanks guys much appreciate the replies and effort
  6. yeah 460 will scale beastly on high resolutions.
  7. legendkiller said:
    Dont go in SLI because it cause a lot of problem... So get the GTx 560

    Oh really? :heink:
  8. Most of the benchmarks I have seen show a pair of 460s faster than a GTX580 at least up through 1080P...

    It is a solid upgrade, especially if you already have one of the cards.
  9. anything above a gtx 260 would be waste of for physx. Definitely go for the sli as there isn't a lot of games with physx.With SLI you'll notice better performance all around as a mater of fact SLI will out perform single card with physx on physx enabled games.
  10. do you think any other components may be bottle necking?

    thanks for the help guys!
  11. could i SLI a gtx 460 and a gtx 465? or perhaps a gtx 460SE?
  12. Nope
    same models only
  13. Go with the SLI setup - having a 460 as a dedicated physics card its a waste with the power it offers on its own + the lack of a plethora of games that support GPU accelerated phsyics
  14. GTX560 is just an overclocked GTX460 on a new chip, go for 460SLi it will be a lot faster than GTX560 with 460 running PhysX.
  15. Am i Able to SLI a GTX 460 and a GTX 460 SC? whats the differences?
  16. Best answer
    Yes you can sli the two
    sc stands for super clock it is a standard 460 model with an overclock.

    you can SLI with a sc ssc ftw and many other just not SE as they have different hardware configurations

    but please remember the carsds cardswill always clock down the the speed of the slower card
  17. ^he meant SLi not crossfire
  18. shrkbay said:
    ^he meant SLi not crossfire

    That is right, sorry to confuse
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