What has happened to my 9800GT

So yesteryday im pretty sure my 9800GT died. i had been down stairs for about 10 mins and when i came back up stairs my screen had gone black, thinking my monitor had gone into sleep mode i hit enter like i always do and nothing happned.

I restarted my comp all seemed fine for a minute or so then i start getting massive graphical artifacting everywhere, the card wasn't overheating, had the same powers it's always had etc etc. then it BSOD's on me and when the PC restarts even the motherboard splash screen has little graphical artifacts.

I shut my PC down, take out the card and notice that there are little black marks on certain parts of the board(the board is black/dark grey anyway but these were alot darker) it almost looked as if something had leaked on the board, but there is no water or fluid whatsoever in my case :S, so i take the heatseink off

this isnt the 9800gt i have its just a good reference image, basically you see the 7 black rectangles(sorry dont know the names of all the parts on GPU's) around the Gpu in the center, thay all had similar black marks around them, like something had leaked.
now i tried googling this but butting black marks/spots in a search engine with GPU just brings up millions of pages about artifacting.

My 9800 was about 2 years old which is a pretty short lifespan even for a PC part, it was an XFX and seemed of a good quality, unfortunately iove moved around alot on the last 2 years so no longer have my receipt and while im pretty sure it's a dead GPU i wouldn't mind understanding what happened to it since it was fine one minute and then gone the next.

thanks for your time.
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  1. get a pic of your card up please showing the marks
  2. The rectangles around the GPU are the memory chips. A picture of this would be more helpful. Does sound like your card is overheating, or somthing has given up.
  3. my camera doesnt have the color depth to pic up the difference sorry.

    yeh i think it is the memory chips.

    the best way i can discribe it is darker black marks around these chips that look have spread the way water would.

    i can boot my PC in safe mode with the gpu, or boot into normal mode without drivers, but as soon as anything that needs any sort of power, such as aero desktop, it gives up and starts artifacting then causes it to reboot, i dont think its overheating because the card is cooler than it usually is.

    I think at this point it has just given up, the only other explanations would be my PCI-e slot has broken or my power supply suddenly does not have enough power to run it.
  4. Yes it is possible your PSU has a problem, but if possible check your card in another PC first. My money is on the GPU. I would be suprised if the PCI slot is at fault, unless there is a load of dirt in the slot.
  5. my 9800gt recently died on me. my fault on the over heating but yes it sounds like the gpu. saying that when mine died it took my pci-e slot out with it so i have had to buy a new mobo
  6. The black marks around the RAM could be heat scorch marks. Unfortunately with how you describe things, the card is bad already. If you get artifacts right at BIOS, before the card has a chance to load drivers or heat up, it's pretty hosed.
  7. mayb ur psu took a leak on your gpu
  8. yeh they do look like they could of been some sort of burn, im 95% sure it will never work properly again.
    was jsut trying to understand what happened to it for future reference, i guess it just reached the end of its life. it was a pre overclocked card so i guess its lifespan is shorter than the average.

    Now to save up and get a gtx 460 i think :)

    dhicks my PSU is bottom mounted so it would be impossible for it to leak on my GPU, well unless i turned the case upside down :P plus the marks are under the heatsink.
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