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I am looking for a way to just have access to my network drive on my office network when i am away. I have a windows 2003 r2 server. I was told a VPN was a good option, but i have never dealt with a VPN before. Any ideas I could achieve what i am looking for? If a VPN is what i need, could someone point me towards a walk-through or manual. I am pretty network oriented but unfortunately i never had to use a VPN. Thanks in advance!
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  1. You could simply do something like Remote Desktop Connection, Port Forwarding on the router to point to your server. Port 3389 would need forwarded.

    No where near as secure as a VPN though but easier to set up.

    Technet.microsoft.com would be a place to start for configuring a windows 2003 vpn.
  2. Remote Desktop sharing is the one way to solve your problem. for multiple alternates and professional solutions for this, you need to design a custom application or tools like video conference manager. video conferencing application will make you free form VPN or other complex experiments
  3. I need to be able to print remotely as well. Any other ideas?
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