Cpu led light is on the motherboard sabertooth p67

it is my frist build i got the motherboard sabertooth p67 and core i7,psu is cit 500watt and one tb hdd the case is corsair graphite 600t it 2+4 ram pc3-15000 1866mhz. i have a geforce gts 450 graphics card
when i put the computer on frist test all the fan are work and the green led light come on the motherboard and a red led come on for cpu i hear no beep and the monitor will stay on stand by . what is wrong ?
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  1. something is doa , disconect usb cables and try, after that take out the Gpu and try, after that take ram and try, take out hdd and try, if nothing worked well u have a

    DOA motherboard from asus.
  2. i disconect the usb cable and i try it again no look. i disconect every thing and try it again no look. would the processor be gone when the motherboard light up and the fan are going?
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