PSU problem, I think I've tried everything.

Here's my story.

I got a psu from a buddy of mine that he never used. It was brand new. Today, I decided that I would install my new psu. So, I unhook my old psu, and put my new psu in and hooked up(what i thought) was all the power connectors to my motherboard. (On a side note, I did build the computer myself months ago, so I have basic knowledge) My side panel is still open, I power the computer on, fans turn on, lights turn on, sounds start beeping.. all normal things for my computer. I then noticed that I had not plugged in the connector for my cpu fan to have power. So, I turn the power off to the computer by using the switch on the back of the power supply, plug in my cable to the cpu fan slot, switch the power supply switch back on, and press power. This time, nothing happens at all. No fans, no lights, no sounds. It seems as if my mobo is getting no power at all. Then I decide to put my old psu back into my pc, because surely it would work, it's worked for 4 months now. Still nothing. So what's the next step? reset the CMOS right? At least that's what I was told to do. So I reset the CMOS by unplugging my psu, pressing the power button on the front of my computer so that it drains any leftover power, unplugging my silver battery, and letting it sit for about 5 minutes. Put the battery back in its place, let it sit for another minute or so, and proceed to turn on my computer. Still nothing happens, no power to anything. So the next thing I decided was to test the power supply itself by "jump starting" it. So I unplug all the power to the mobo, hard drive, optical drive, and just leave one case fan plugged in. I put one side of a paper clip into the connection that makes the power supply think it should be on, and the other side into a ground wire. I turned the psu on, and both the case fan and the psu fan start turning. So I hook everything up one more time, reset the cmos one more time, and still I have no power at all. Now I am here, asking for help and suggestions. I currently have my older psu hooked up. It worked before, it should work again. Also both of the power supply's fans come on when "jump started". Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  1. did you connect all the cables to the board
  2. Yes, when I first hooked up the new psu, everything started normally, but I had forgot to plug the cpu fan in. I powered the computer off using the switch on the psu, and plugged in the power for cpu fan. I switched the switch to on for the psu, and pressed power on my computer. Nothing happened this time.
  3. look like the new psu is defective try to get it rma ask your friend where he bought it for the bill
  4. that can't be right though, the new psu powered everything, i turned it off, plugged the cpu fan power connector in, and then it didn't start the second time. not to mention, I have my old psu in the computer right now, and it does absolutely nothing as well.
  5. hope you din't short the motherboard try cmos
  6. I did try the cmos, multiple times. Think it's the motherboard? How could it have shorted the motherboard?
  7. we you switch the power from back other then closing by windows
  8. It didn't even boot to windows because I noticed the cpu fan wasn't running, so I turned it off immediately by using the switch on back of the psu.
  9. best way to find is having a shop test for the board since the psu fan was not plug
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