Cpu cooler and ram space problem

i just intalled a hyper 212 plus with 2 fans for my i7 2600k ..and i have 3 questions ?

i have problems with the space in my 600t corsair case...between my cpu cooler and my 4 ram sticks vengeance...because i set up the cooler as a push and pull. the intake fan does not fit and i will loose almost 1 inch of space between the fins and the sticks the other fan the exhaust are completely fit because he point toward my ram ? are we ok that i let that space empty of my cpu cooler fins....thanks
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  1. Can you post a picture?
    One fan on the heatsink should be fine, but I think a picture would still be useful.
  2. Im pretty sure you can do push pull, is the problem that the fan gets in the way?
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