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Hello, here's my situation. I'm using my neighbors internet yes legally. i'm using a wireless N adapter that is connected to a satellite dish to pick up his signal and in return I shoe his horses for free. anyways here's my question: how do I hook a router up to my setup so I can pick up the signal on my nintendo wii on the other side of the house
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  1. what type of router are you trying to use?

    can the wii connect wirelessly?
  2. The router is a netgear wnr2000 v2
    yes the wii can connect wireless

    the routers firmare won't install unless it's connected to a wired connection like dsl/cable but there has to a work around
  3. your router can be converted to work as a wireless bridge repeater by using DD-WRT Firmware

    which would connect wirelessly and then retransmit the wireless signal and allow you to use the LAN ports
  4. Hey thanks man
    my router is now running dd wrt firmware
    and I can connect router to router and repeat the signal
    but the signal is very weak, compared to the signal i get from the dish with the N adapter in it.

    my goal is to have a stationary pc thats only use to pick up the signal from my neighbors router using the satellite N adapter, then use my router to connect to the Network.

    is this possible?
  5. I dont know anyone actually understands what im trying to do
    I dont wanna go router to router
    I want to have my wireless N adapter connected wirelessly to my neighbors router, then have MY router wired to my pc connect to the network via my pc NOT his router. and then have my router be a repeater
  6. So you want to use a PC to connect to the wireless via a N-Wireless NIC and then use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in Windows to connect you router to the PC via Network cable?

    If so there are two ways to setup the router:

    1) As an AP (access point) where the PC will provide the IPs to any computer connecting wired or wireless.

    2) As a router where you create another separate network and the router will take care of handing out IPs to wired and wireless computers.


    instate of using a PC to connect to the wireless next door you could us a wireless bridge which in turn you connect to a router to create your own network. Using a wireless bridge will use less power than a PC.
  7. are you familiar with the dd-wrt interface?
    i've tried to set this is up but keep having to reset the router

    is far this is whats going on: I got my PC connected to the N-adapter which is picking up my neighbors router, I enabled ICS and I have my router wired in to the PC on factory default.
  8. if your are connecting the router via the WAN/Internet port to the PC, you might have to set the LAN IP to to avoid IP conflict with the IP from the ICS.

    if you want to use the router as a AP, you will need to setup the wireless security, disable DHCP and set the LAN IP to match the IP scheme to the one of the ICS.
    then connect one of the four LAN port to the PC. This way the PC will hand out the IPs via the ICS and the router will transmit them via wire or wireless.

    if ICS hands out IPs of set the LAN IP of the router to 192.1678.1.253.
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