Need help dvd not showing in bios

As a lot of you know this is my first build and I am struggled. Got everything connected and installed started to do the bios and the dvd drive isn't showing up in the bios so I can load the operating system. The dvd turns on but not showing up in the listing in the bios. I am using a gigabyte ga z68x ud3h bs mobo with a gear head lighscribe 24 dvd sata drive. Also don't think the 8 gigs is showing in the bios either it looks like to me that it is showing only 4 gigs
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  1. power connected to the dvd as well as the SATA cable?

    tried different SATA ports on the motherboard?
  2. yes power is working and I have tried all of the SATA ports I will try adifferent cable. Anyone have any ideas I am stuck not able to do anything because I can't get an os onto my computer. Is there something in the BIOS that might be configured wrong?
  3. try setting bios to failsafe defaults

    later you can reset it or more performance
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