Intel I5 2400m or AMD A6-3400m for heavy photo editing programs+

Hi everyone, I really need a new laptop right now and ordering from the shopping networks with monthly payments are my only option right now. I have a choice between 2 HP Laptops.

I have been searching and searching for answers comparing the i5 2430m 6GB ram ($1000), against the A6-3400m 8GB ram ($800) in a HP brand laptops ( slightly overpriced I know but both do come with bonus software and antivirus although not a big importances). Both have Blueray player, again not a major deal tho. :o

Everybody's opinions I am finding in my research are mostly based on gaming, in-which I will not be doing much of unless it the Sims 3, lol. But what I will be doing a lot of is Editing in Photography. I need to run big programs like Adobe Photoshop CS5, LightRoom, Maybe some Photoshop and Premiere Elements or Coral PaintShop Pro for light video editing, but mostly for Video Slide Shows of pics or short scenes, etc. I use this a lot for my weddings, no major video tho.

I do love nice graphics. But my biggest concern is Both speed and graphics to editing and viewing photos, but I guess speed more, because even on my desktop, my adobe programs tend to freeze up a lot if I have photoshop and Lightroom running at the same time, plus the internet browser open, etc. And at times I may even need to have programs like Microsoft Word running as well. Or burning my files to cds while still being able to use other programs. Maybe sometimes my Music to be able to run in the background, etc.

So my question is would it be fair to use the same comparisons as I keep hearing for gaming, like the A6 may be slightly better or do you still think the I5, after hearing all that I need to use it for. Thanks so much guys for anyone that can answer this for me.
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  1. i5 2430 for sure. Is much quicker then A6-3400 , in therm of productivity Intel is much better than AMD.
  2. sosofm said:
    i5 2430 for sure. Is much quicker then A6-3400 , in therm of productivity Intel is much better than AMD.

    Thankyou so much for your quick response. I appreciate that.
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