Need Help Asus M5a78L-m USB3

Help Asus M5A78L-M USB3
hello i bought an M5A78L-M USB3 motherboard also with a stick of 4GB RAM and AMD FX 6100 6-Cores 3.3 Ghz 14.0MB Total Cache i have installed them into my computer but nothing will show on the monitor i have used the VGA port and also the HDMI port to a HD TV and still no result the PSU i have is a 300 Watt could that be the problem???

Thanks in advance
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  1. Without specifics, my best guess is that the BIOS is too old for the 6100. It needs to be BIOS 0411 and I would bet on that board only having a first release BIOS (even if you just bought it).

    Do you have a discreet GPU to use to rule out the on board graphics being faulty, at least?
  2. i have another GPU and have tryed that it was an Nvidia geforce 210 i know its a low spec GPU just used to test and and that didnt work with the monitor or the HD TV how would i go about updating my BIOS and what BIOS update will i need?
  3. You'll need at least BIOS 0411, but you might as well upgrade to the latest, since you'll be updating anyway. Go here and download BIOS 1401.

    As far as how you do it? That's a bit more complicated. The act of updating isn't hard (you just put the new BIOS on a FAT32 formatted USB drive and use EZ Flash 2 in the BIOS itself and it's mostly automatic), BUT you need a non-FX CPU installed to do it.

    You can either borrow one or try to find and buy the cheapest CPU that works with the 0204 BIOS listed here

    In all honesty, it might just be easier to return the board and get a 970/990 board. None of those have integrated graphics though, so if you have to have integrated graphics, a 880G board with integrated graphics is your best option. You might run into the same problem you have now with a 880G board, but it's less likely.

    Edit: Also, just to make sure I understand you correctly, you tried both the on board graphics and the discreet card, right?
  4. Sorry to crash this thread, but im having an issue with the exact same MB. My PC wont find any wireless internet connections...only wired or USB connections. I think ive installed the correct LAN drivers, and still no success. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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