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Been attempting to fix an old HP 9400f for awhile now, used to blue screen alot so I checked the ram and found a bad stick and went about replacing it. Following that I reset the BIOS and went about business as usual. The problem is, is that after actually getting the thing running again, I decided to format the main drive and reinstall vista, and now I feel as though I am stuck in limbo indefinately.

The vista installation has gone fine so far, it has brought up a full screen plastering information about this one time setup, do not shutdown the Computer, etc etc, computer may reboot numerous times. Please shutdown or Reboot when the installation directs you to do so. the Windows Out of Box Experience program is up, hidden behind this full screen.
Now, it has loaded windows, as its pretty easy to simply tab away from the full screen image, and the windows partition for my drive is only 16 or 48gb (Of a maximum of 750, so the partition is sorta retarded but i'll fix that later) and well, windows installed correctly, I feel kinda happy about that. But its rebooted serveral times, and this one wizard install screen comes up that strikes fear into me.

After rebooting, and loading windows, it does not go to desktop and instead goes to a white screen with two folders, and a file or two passing from the left to the right. The mouse pointer is on the screen and it is not frozen, and the keyboard is responding to caplocks and such, but this screen has been up for a total of six hours now on this particular reboot, and it is pretty damn concerning.

My real question is, should I let this thing putter away and sort itself out, or should I shut the system down and reboot, and hope it goes through this process without getting itself stuck in limbo.
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  1. if it hasnt finished in 6 hours then its not going to

    shut it down and reboot to see what happens
  2. Alright, I shut it down and rebooted.
    It booted up, went to windows is loading files (Like when booting in safe or recovery mode) and then took me to x/windows/system32/cmd startnet.cmd
    drive is C, windows build partition execution.

    Basically this

    And this

    Pretty much all that happens excluding unable to find user partition and installing Maestro. But a direct to white screen with to folders and a file going from one to another.

    Went into the BIOS and checked the Hard Drive and came up with no errors after an extended test... So i'm completely at a loss right now.

    Edit: More like this.

    Was able to alt tab to show two system processes, one administrative, and the white screen with Progresso.
    I'm able to boot up the computer into safe mode, but when I go to boot windows normally, well, Progresso.
  3. does your pc have the sticker on it with the windows product key?

    if so i would just download the appropriate version of vista without all the hp crap on it then as long as you

    have the ethernet driver you can get all the other drivers

    if you have the genuine key on your pc this should be fine as its not pirating (which isnt allowed here)

    had a similar issue with an acer laptop and thats what i did--it was much quicker in the end than all the waiting not knowing if it was going to complete the acer install cleanup rubbish which had been running 2 hours
  4. I had considered that, going to let Progresso run while I look into burning a vista 64 premium copy, and yeah, I do have my product key on hand.
  5. once you do it that way and have all the drivers and software you want installed then you can make yourself

    recovery discs using norton ghost or similar in case of future problems

    its a pain when they put all their bloatware on the cd/dvd especially when it plays up and screws the install
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