AMD HD 5770 and core i3/i5 2nd gen

hey guys..i hve a amd HD 5770 xfx brand :D and my current cpu is dual core e5500 :kaola: @3.3 ghz...within a month am goin to buy a new proccy..either core i3 2100( with mobo and corsair ram=Rs 10,000) or core i5 2500(with mobo and ram=rs 14,000)...will i3 be enough for me for gaming or shld i spend more nd buy i5??help plz im new :hello:
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  1. What resolution are you gaming at?

    The i5-2500 is probably the most recommended processor for gaming, so get it over the i3.
  2. If you don't upgrade your GPU then it will make no difference (for gaming) but if you plan on getting a better GPU during the life of the system then the 2500 is a much better option.
  3. The i3-2100 will be enough for gaming, but the i5-2500 or i5-2500k would be better for playing games in the long run since the i5 is a quad core CPU and it has Turbo Boost which is basically an automatic overclock of 400MHz at most, depending on temps.
  4. Well the highest resolution i play at is led tv nd montior both supports that resolution max..nd yeah i will upgrade my gpu but now now( i thnk im taking i5..thank you guys for ur time nd help :)
  5. you have a low resolution, better get a powerful cpu, go with the i5 2500, 5770 is enough for your resolution, you can run most games on high or max
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