Motherboard or cpu?

HI I have a gigabyte board B75m-D3H with latest F11 bios. I have a G540 cpu .I keep getting black lines in windows ,even bios menu has it.
I have tried a video card and when I installed that old 7300gt all is good.
So I figure it has to be bios settings,but what.
I am now looking at video memory and frequency I just changed the mem on the integrated graphics to 32 ram (64 is default) and freq at 950 ,got to desktop and no lines running at 1280x1024,when I restart machine lines come back.This has happened a few times today. Anyone have any ideas. Pls Thks
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  1. I am looking for the cause cpu or mobo ?
  2. The GPU is integrated with the CPU; that's probably the first part that you should replace as it's easier than replacing the motherboard. Is the monitor connected to the D-Sub or the DVI-D port? Can you post a picture that shows the problem?
  3. I'll get back to you on posting a pic.It is connectedto D-sub. Thks
  4. What type of monitor do you have?
  5. an older Viewsonic VP171b ,but I also tried an even older Dell model and same thing
  6. anyone
  7. We need to see pictures to better understand what the issue is.
  8. RMA mobo
  9. What made you reach the conclusion that the motherbaord is defective?
  10. Where I bought it online they decided.
  11. I don't disagree with their decision, but trying the CPU first would have been less work for you. I sure hope that it will resolve the issue.
  12. Not really it was a few more mins.I had to take out cpu anyway and just unscrew the board.
  13. It seems problerm is still there.I got new mobo back and it is still doing it.I took out 1 ram stick and lines are gone.I tested other ram stick in each slot and both sticks are good just not together.So I did a processor test and cpu failed ,platform controller hub test fail.I guess it could be a crappy processor.Anyone ? Thks
  14. In my first reply, I suggested that the CPU should be the first part to replace because it integrates the GPU. On the other hand, you lose nothing trying looser memory settings to see if it resolves your issue.
  15. I know but I was not the one who chose to replace mobo. What about that error? Is it the processor that is the problem?Thks
  16. I know that it wasn't your decision to replace the motherboard, but it at least proves that it wasn't the issue. If the processor tests failed, then I'd presume that it's defective. They could hardly refuse to replace it since they now know that it isn't the motherboard (unless you're very unlucky and got another bad one). Are you using a quality PSU and are all voltages within specs?
  17. I tried another psu and it was same thing.
  18. Then the next component to replace is the CPU.
  19. How can I get in touch with intel ,it is past the 30 day policy from where I bought it.What would be the best way to go about it? Thks
  20. thkss
  21. intel test passes still have line problem
  22. Their tests can't detect that type of issue. What bothers me is that you don't have the issue when only one memory module is installed. What modules do you have? Did you run Memtest86+ overnight to make sure the memory is working properly?
  23. I have not tested memory ,I got in touch with Intel and they RMA'ed the processor since the graphics is on that. I got in touch with Gskill and they said if needed to also RMA the ram, but I have been told on Gskill forums that the mobo should take ram at default settings. I'll wait and see. Thks
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