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My Pc seems to be losing video output randomly. It has done it just while sitting idle and seems to have no pattern as to when it is doing it. The screen will just go black and my pc is still running like nothing has happened. A system reboot and the screen comes back. I have an hp pavilone Elite HPE -4001. Im running a Radeon 6970 Graphics card with a Ultra X4 750 Watt Power Suppy. I was thinking it was due to heat but i watched the temperatures on my video card and they stay at about 37-40 degrees C. Also the video card and power supply are about 6 months old at tops and has been working fine untill now. I tap on my tower wiggle wires nothing seems to inflict the problem. Please Help!
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  1. I am guessing it is the heat. There are many components that might get hot not just the core which you said was 37-40c. Try taking your video card and dusting it, that sometimes does the trick. Check your temperatures for the voltage regulators and/or the Video Memory.

    Good Luck!
  2. try the card in some other pc and see if it still shows the problem.. if it does then it your card problem.. you can also try reinstalling the drivers.. use driver sweeper to remove the existing drivers and downlaod the latest driver from ati site,
  3. Ok ill try that but i wouldnt think it was heat due to the fact that i can be playing video games for a few hours and it never happen and then other times it can just be siting idle and it will lose video. Thanks for the Replys
  4. Umm...right I am not saying it is hot when you turn it on. When I had the problem it wasn't hot, there was just too much dust in the fan and heatsink. I just took all the dust out and it worked perfectly fine. Try it.
  5. Thanks for all the Replys i removed the video card and cleaned it again, Dusted out the entire inside of the computer, wiped it, installed all new drivers and it seems to be working fine now. Im not sure what the direct cause was but i apreciate all the replys. Thank you!
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