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What GPU for AutoCad

Hi all,
I had a request from the father in law to help build an AutoCad computer. I have built a couple computers (2 gamers, 2 htpcs) but never an autocad. He is an architect and primarily uses Autocad 2012 in 2d mode but wants the ability to use 3d.

GPU Q - I have seen references to cad specific GPUs (FireFL and Quadro).... do i need those and if so what model is appropriate (if not, is on board graphics or gaming gpu appropriate?)

Approximate Purchase Date: a month to two months
Budget Range: still figuring out, less than $1000
System Usage from Most to Least Important: AutoCAD 2012 mostly 2d but want to use 3d once in a while
Parts Not Required: all expect mouse, keyboard, monitor
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg or microcenter is nearby
Country of Origin: USA
Parts Preferences: none
Overclocking: No
SLI or Crossfire: ?
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Additional Comments:

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    Seems like it's mostly a difference between hardware rendering (Quadro/Firepro) vs. software rendering (GeForce/Radeon). Hardware rendering is better for programs like AutoCAD and Pro-E where the model will be manipulated in real-time verses loading and moving a pre-rendered model in a game.

    Someone correct me if I am mistaken. I spent about 15 minutes researching.

    That being said. I use a GTX460 in my personal machine and I can use the newest AutoDesk Inventor and AutoCAD 2010 with no issues.
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