To long to get to splash screen?

When I boot up my computer, it takes about 10 sec to get to the splash screen. I dont think this is normal. I dont mind to much, just wondering if the mobo is the issues and what I can do

mobo = asrock extreme6 x79
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  1. Without knowing more about your computer such as amount of RAM or HDD type or HDD rpm it is difficult to pinpoint the problem. You can try defragging the hard drive. You can try running MSCONFIG to stop programs or services you don't need from running at startup. Below are links that you might find uesful.
  2. Ken I believe he means the mobo splash screen, not windows?
  3. Thanks chag. If that is the case irsninja could go into the BIOS and disable the splash screen. The text below is from

    "Disable the POST

    In the old days, computers had to perform a rather lengthy power-on self test (POST). Some systems still do this, though it's no longer necessary. If your PC appears to run a memory check or something similar, head to the BIOS and look for an entry labeled 'power-on self test', 'startup diagnostic', or the like. If you find such an entry, disable it.

    Alternatively, look foran option called 'Fast Boot' or 'Quick Boot'; enable it, and it will likely dispense with any startup testing and go straight to booting Windows."
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