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Nvidia Physx on HD 5670..

Hey there I have Sapphire HD 5670 1GB................ :sarcastic:

I am having fps around 18 when turn on the "physx" (med/high) in the game MAFIA II.....
and without "physx"...It is above 52fps......and has no problems running it....

how can i increase fps having physx on (med/high)?

My system->
CPU - E5400 2.70Ghz (stock)
Graphic Card - Sapphire HD 5670 GDDR5 1GB
RAM - 4GB (800Mhz)
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    PhysX is proprietary to Nvidia. Without an Nvidia card to perform PhysX, it runs on the CPU, and that will not perform good enough for that game, or most games that support GPU accelerated PhysX (about 20 of them in total).

    I would just ignore that option.
  2. Okay....then i will not use physx.....thnx!!
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