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Hi ,

I am building my first pc and going good till i hit this point. My Case is Zalman Z11 plus, which has four stand off points preinstalled and comes with 5 standoff screws. Now I am not able to find the 5 stand off screws in the package. So should i go ahead and install my motherboard using 4 stand off screws , or visit a local store and get some screws.

Cabinet is ATX , mobo is ASRock z75 pro 3
I have installed a cooler master 212 evo on top of i7 processor ( the cooler master is bulky and i am sort of afraid to use only 4 screws. )

Thank you very much
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  1. EDIT: NVM what I said earlier.

    Unless I remember incorrectly, an ATX motherboard should have nine screws total for the standoffs unless it's not a full ATX board. If you're missing any and the board is ATX, it's probably not the end of the world, but you might want to get some more.
  2. The motherboard has nine slots for the standoffs but my case does not have 9 standoffs !! Looks like one more trip to local computer shop.. sigh :(
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