Want to replace my club 3d 4890, gtx460? hd6850?

i've returned my 4890 because the fan stopped working, and most likely they will offer me to replace it with other card (i think with the 5770 as the performance is similar, am i wrong?)

so if i have an opportunity to add some $$ and choose a better card, what should i go with? i'm thinking of gtx460 or hd6850, as the price is not that much bigger.
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  1. Performance is very similar between the 460 and 6850 some games prefer one and some prefer the other. The 6850 will give you the option of running 3 screens, the 460 gives you physx and better 3D support. I would look up benchmarks from the specific games you plan to play, or just get whichever is cheapest.
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