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ASUS F1A75-M LE missreading sensor?

I don't know why but HW monitor can't read sensor from my motherboard or cpu
I have update bios to the latest version.

Hw monitor cpu temp is wrong also voltage monitor

Dxdiag can't read/give motherboard/system manufacture Info

But ASUS Monitoring utilities give a right information:

I don't know what shuold I do
Or maybe I have wrong in installing windows 7??
Here the step:
1. Installing win 7 on another PC with same harddisk
I have another PC with DVDROM [IDE] || Atlon x2 245 || Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H || 4 Gb ram || 750 gb Seagate
2. Put on 750 gb Seagate into PC2 [ASUS ASUS F1A75-M LE]
3. Installing hardware etc
4. This is ok??

4 Gb RAM
750 gb Seagate
250 Watt PSU
Win 7 32

Any Idea how to fix this?
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    Everything you posted is normal,enjoy your computer.
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