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I'm running a 4870 in my i5-750 rig that has recently been locking up on dual monitors usually running netflix and WoW, one in 1050 the other in 1080. As the card is a good 2 years old, I'm ready to get an upgrade but am under a ~$150 budget constraint. I haven't been following graphics releases closely, so I don't know what of the field is a solid upgrade that will alleviate my lock up issues. Any advice?
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  1. For 150 bucks the only cards you might find that would be a good upgrade would be the HD 6850 or the GTX 460 1GB. They perform about the same with a few different brand specific features. 3 monitor support for the ATI card, Physx and 3d vision for the Nvida card mainly. This one is super cheap right now after MIR:
  2. The 6850 is exactly what I was looking at. My inner excess wants to do things in eyefinity and I can get one for about $150. I'm usually an ATI guy, but I'm also considering a switch to nVidea if it even makes a difference. I've had some problems with catalyst in the past.
  3. ^ yeah really not much of an upgrade from a 4870 imo, I'd stretch your budget/ save up another paycheck and at least get a 6950 1 gig, however the 6850 will likely more than suffice if all you are doing is WOW and netflix, and the 6850 will def an see increase in performance.
  4. If you prefer nvidia maybe shoot for a gtx 560, but you will again have to stretch your budget and at that price point I'd almost go for a gtx 560ti. I believe the gtx 550s are in your price bracket but that would be even less of an upgrade over a 6850.
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