Sli a GTX 460 1gb with a GTX 460 2gb?

Would there be a problem putting a 1gb GTX 460 in SLI with a 2gb GTX 460? I originally planned on doing two 1gb cards, but if there is an advantage It'd defiantly be something to look into...only thing I can think of would be possible driver issues or errors like that since they aren't the "same" card technically, but I'm no expert on SLI'ing.

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  1. No there wouldn't be a problem because only the RAM of one card is used...

    Set the 2GB one as the primary in the nVidia control panel if you can - I've never used SLI...
  2. If it did work you would effectively be running two 1GB cards.
  3. It should work, but there is no advantage, the 2GB card will only be able to use 1GB because in SLI the 2 cards memory run's parallel. Think of it like a raid setup for your video cards where both sets of VRAM hold identical data sets so it can be accessed faster.
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