[Memory] Looking to upgrade current memory of 8GBs (2x4gb)

Hello everyone,

I currently have 8GBs (2x4gb) of memory. I'm looking to upgrade, and i'm wondering if I should buy 2 more 4gb sticks and use up all 4 memory slots for a total of 16gbs of memory, OR should I purchase 2 sticks of 8GBs for a total of 16gbs of memory to replace the 2 sticks i'm currently using, and use up only 2 memory slots. I have no idea if there are any pro's and con's to using up all 4 memory slots. Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated.

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  1. You won't see any benefit by upgrading ram to more than 8 gb; I use only 8 and leave the other 8 gb for spares. Adding ram reduces space on your hardrive; my ssd has limited space, so I don't run with 16 gb anymore.
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