Upgrading a laptop CPU

Not sure if laptop questions get posed here a lot.

I purchased a Samsung Laptop a little while back (NP-QX410-S02US-FB-R Samsung NP-QX410 Aluminum Core i5-480M)

The laptop is damaged and not working (details not important)

That said, the hard drive, memory and processor are all good.

So, I was thinking about purchasing another laptop with less memory but comparable and use the old memory to upgrade

I also was considering buying one with an i3 processor and trying to swap out with the i5 processor from the samsung.

Although I've upgraded many desktops and can figure out compatibility easily, not much experience with laptops. I have experience dismantling them etc, just not with compatibility.

So, wondering if anyone has any input on whether or not they thought this would work. Was just trying to save some $$ and reuse some components.

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  1. To replace the cpu requires stripping the whole laptop down.
    Screen, keyboard, dvd, touchpad, motherboard, graphics card the works.

    Your talking about 2+ hours if you have the service manual, much much longer if you don't.

    First you need to be 100% sure the cpu is interchangable with the i5 and then track down a service manual.
  2. Changing the ram may work, but the cpu may not be recognized with the new bios. If it works, you'll need to re-use the heatsink the cpu came with, and the connector may not fit on a different board. All you can do is download the motherboard specs and see what info you have before ordering.
  3. Thank you both

    Yes, I've dismantled many-a-laptop (actually enjoy it which is odd)

    The Samsung that I have is already dismantled.

    I suppose I could attempt to get a similar Samsung with an i3

    Probably biggest issue is getting specs on MOBO. Hard enough to get detailed one on OEM desktops, even harder with laptops.

    Might just be better to sell this one for scrap on ebay and recoup the funds that way.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Last option, probably best.
    On swapping the CPU from an I3-xxx -> I5-xxx (I3-xxxx SB - Not workeee).
    The I3 is lower power and the Laptop MB VRs may not provide the added current for an I5 (Should, but no quarrentee). As noted, laptops have a limited bios, and the bios may not support the I5, should, but again no quarrentee.
  5. if there is a model of your samsung with a i5cpu it might work , as long as it fits the socket and it is within power range . I switched a t-7200 for an x-9000 it worked well , went from 2.2 up to 2.9 , runs cooler because the x-9000 although more powerful was smaller die size than the t-7200 . Took all of 20 minutes for the swap .
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