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New card with same power req as GTX 260

Hi everybody!

I'm looking to upgrade my GTX 260 to a faster card, as it is starting to struggle to keep up with some games at 1920x1080 at high settings. However, the problem is that this card is inside a retail HP home system (the HPE-180t to be precise) and I'm sure that the power supply they chose is just barely sufficient to power all the components in the system. Thus, I figure the only way to stay safe is to chose a card that takes the same amount of power as the GTX 260. I don't think that this is unreasonable because I understand that the performance/power ratio of the 260 is not the best out there.

I am interested primarily in gaming at 1920x1080 as fast as possible, and secondarily in Eyefinity for a third display down the road. I will never SLI/Crossfire.

I've done some of my own research, but I wanted to know what others thought before I pulled the trigger. What is the best card I can get away with given my power supply constraints?

Thanks for your help!
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    Check out this chart. You can see that the 560 ti and HD 6950 are about the same as the 260.
  2. Do you know the exact power supply wattage? You can upgrade your power supply for around $30-$50, then get a better high-end graphics card. I read some other forums about your computer and people say that they have a 460w power supply, which is below the minimum power requirements (500w) for the GTX 260. Most of the cards that require the same power perform the same. Please check your exact power supply wattage.
  3. Thanks for the chart, DXRick. In your opinion, which is the better card of the two? Is the performance gain worth the price difference over the 6870 (which was my other consideration)

    xerb, I don't know offhand the wattage of my power supply. From what I have read, others have received their units with the GTX 260 and 460 watt power supply but have had no issues (like me). It seems that HP engineers have cut costs by choosing the lowest wattage possible power supply (compared to nVidia's recommendation, which likely has some breathing room added in to compensate for poor quality power supplies and other factors). Because nVidia's recommendation doesn't seem to apply here, I was attempting to replace it with a card that takes the same amount of power.

    Most of the cards that require the same power perform the same.

    Is this upgrade a waste of money in your opinion?
  4. You can select the 260 and other card(s) you are considering and click the compare button. The 560 ti is much faster than the 260.

    edit: I got a 6870 for my new build (i7-950) last November. The 6950 was not available yet. I chose the 6870 after looking at numerous charts that showed it can run most games easily at 1080P. If not, I can drop to 1680 x 1050.
  5. The 6950 is faster than the 6870, but as for if it's worth the extra money that depends on you. For the most part not really, but if your playing a game with settings that have a 6870 hovering around 30fps, you'll appreciate the 6950s extra fps to give you a smoother experience,2666.html

    Or you could always just lower the settings a little in those situations :p. I say if you can afford it get a 6950, but if you feel that's too much and it's pushing your budget then just get a 6870 and be happy :D.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys; I really appreciate it!
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