Thermal Paste under Thermal Tape?

Can I apply some thermal paste under the thermal tape on my GPU Memory? I noticed that my GPU Memory Temps went as high as 115C under load. The thermal tape on my GPU Memory is quite old and worn out, however I dont want to buy thermal tape because according to other forums I heard that thermal paste beats thermal tape. Are there any other solutions to GPU Memory Overheat? Will placing a fan on the back side of the GPU Memory help?

Please help, Thanks!
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  1. the more crap between your gpu and heatsink, the hotter it will run. If you plan to use thermal paste, remove the old thermal tape.
  2. If the heatsink isnt touching the memory you will need thermal tape or thermal pads to fill the gaps, if it does make direct contact you can use a standard thermal paste instead, but dont use both tape and paste, they wont transfer heat well between themselves.
  3. Umm the heatsink is making contact with the thermal tape and the thermal tape is making contact with the there any other efficient way to cool the memory?
  4. change the thermal tape... use a new one thats it..
  5. would there be a significant change in temps? because I dont want to just lose a few degrees C.
  6. Sup i have just recently qualigied as a tier 7 IT techi ,i believe thermal tape is more used on graphic cards in the areas of the ddr5 vram and a few other chips that is where i believe it is mostly used as they effectiveness is for slow release of heat and even distribution,and spacing from the plating of certain card eg 5870 etc and for those chips that dont really heat up like a gpu\cpu i would recommend that u use thermal pasting on the gpu\cpu and type on the vram \other compenent u'll see when u open the card as it is normally hold the plated and the card pretty tight together needing abit of a tug to release the hold ,i replace that type of crap on a daily basis ,the stock thermal pads are genrally prety good but the paste they apply is a shity industrial paste that should be removed as soon as perchased and apply a high quallity thermal paste i use the thermaltake thermal silicon cpu\gpu grease called thermaltake tg-2 drop server pc from 70 degrees celcius to about 36 and with same results on the gpu side there are other brades the best on the market atm is TX-2 ,aritic mx-4 and there are other though those are held in hig reguards for slashing heat but a min of 40%
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