Please help !!! My Computer can't boot after upgrading CPU !!!

Hi, after I've upgraded my processor from an intel dual core e2140 to e5500, my computer won't boot past the Lenovo screen. Anyway, I am using a Lenovo 3000 series h100 with System Board ( SIS671_A1986_8101 ) with lga775 socket.
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  1. Some of those old boards won't run with wolfdale's. You'll need to look for a bios update from lenovo, and even that may not work. If that doesn't work, I would run with your old cpu until you do a complete system upgrade. To change boards, you'll probably need a new windows coa number.
  2. It is possible that the BIOS does not recognize the new CPU which means you need to go to Lenovo's website and search for a BIOS update that will allow the motherboard to recognize the CPU... if there is one.
  3. Also, there is no need to post the same question twice just a few minutes apart.
  4. Is the e5500 officially supported?
  5. maybe reset your bios to begin with... don't know if you did that already... CPU's on the whole are not that plud and play
  6. TBH i think that if your CPU is not suported then you wont get to any screen, but you are saying that you get to the Lenovo boot screen. Can you enter BIOS? With a faulty /not suported CPU you cant boot @ all.
  7. I agree with the others that the processor is likely not supported by the computer, but there are a few things to try:

    Reset the BIOS, see if that helps

    Check for a BIOS/Firmware update on the manufacturer's website, they may have added compatibility.

    Once when adding an aftermarket cooler I got some thermal paste on the under side of the CPU which prevented POST. thankfully nothing was damaged, I just had to clean it off and it started working again.

    If none of that works then I am afraid you are up a creek. Everyone complains that Intel changes their pinouts too often, but this is one case where the platform lasted too long, and it causes far more confusion than it is worth.
  8. But the person who sold me the processor told me that if i could run E2140 i should be able to run E5500 or any other intel pentium dual core cpu models. Anyway, i have one more question. Why can't i overclock my processor in the bios? I can't change any of the core settings including the frequency and the clock speed. Is it because my motherboard does not support overclocking?
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