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Hello,I recently bought world of warcraft cataclysm. However, due to my graphics card I have to have all the settings on very low. Does anyone know the best graphics card for the computer without having to change the powe input or anything, just the card? Also, it needs to be capable of "shader 3", not sure what that means. I have an ADVENT SQ9204, with 4gb RAM and a 300gb hardrive, with over 100gb left. I know absolutely nothing about computers so anything would help :)
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  1. Might help if we knew what graphics you're currently using.

    Here are the specifications for your system -->

    If you've already added a graphics card, then we'd need to know what it is. If not, then the specifications for your system state Intel GMA 3100 and a free PCI-Ex16 graphics card slot.

    Further research seems to point at a 230-400 watt PSU (ISO-400pp). I can't seem to find anything definitive on it.

    -Wolf sends
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