Dr debug a2.

hello, i transported my dekstop over to some friends, but it wouldnt turn on after driving there.
no loose cables and nothing seems changed but still, i get dr. debug a2. which means, ide detect. no idea what that means. pc was working perfectly before.

i noticed when i turn the pc off, the fans at top doesnt stop spinning at same time, and they both go a little backwards. didnt think this happened before. is it a psu problem?
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  1. ok, managed to turn pc on by connection dvi-dvi cable instead of dvi-hdmi caple. thing is, it asked for me to run repiar which i did. it couldnt fix anything tho.
    computer seems normal now, only thing is the fans at top when i turn if off, which worries me.

    is this something to be worried of?
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