New - Added Delay?!?

Hello all!

Could I get a suggestion or two?

This PC has stated adding huge [1-2min] delays on page loads, from a period a couple of mins after startup, but randomly all day. Never used to do this, even with slower connection. Often I watch the loading animation on a page tab go round and round and round for freaking ages!

Other machines in the house don't do it. Most VOD Sites seem fine, pings seem OK [20-200ms depending on server location]

Have I scrambled my settings? Because it comes and goes, but usually only starts after a couple of mins after boot - it has to be a setting, right? Can I rebuild my network connection database or something? Just seems the PC is looking for a nonexistant connection or such.

It's a total nightmare if you want to check something in a hurry, like a train timetable just as you go out!!

I also never get above 20% network use, even sharing PC-PC. Graph is like a wall at 20%. Hmmm.

Any advice appreciated greatly, fellow techies!

Relevant info below:

Only the Wireless connection I am using is listed in Network and Sharing Center

Browsing using Chrome

Have high-spec PC - Core i7/6GB/Win7/54Mb D-link Wireless card - on a 10Mb Cable modem. Am also running Avira [up to date], all Win7 patches and I reboot daily.

Have changed wireless network settings several times, have connected and disconnected wired networking [between PCs, with a switch], have shared docs with wired and wireless network.

At one point the cable network went down, and temporarily installed a T-Mobile dongle for connectivity [on local 3G cellphone network] Have since removed, and uninstalled software.

Wireless router 3 feet away - signal good. No problems with ISP network [other machines and network status reports]

Have disabled several services/startup items [though nothing that ought to be related to internet access]

There are lots of other wireless networks visable -maybe 10 - router is set to auto channel

Thanks again.

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  1. You mention trying wired -- did things improve ?

    Have you considered if it may be a wireless mode issue ? Change setting in router.
  2. Sry - wired was Pc to PC.

    Wireless mode? Router is set to 54Mb.

    IS this what you mean?

  3. Try wired to router -- see if things improve.

    If they do check out wireless mode in Router's Wireless Settings -- choices are for example -- 802.11n or 802.11g or Mixed Mode.

    Download the full router manual from the CD which came with it or from maker's site.
  4. Hey fihart,

    it's deffo. set to .11g. It's a Virgin custom router, with integrated modem, but I think the manufacturer is Netgear. Will tryy cable, but requires cable through 3 rooms, though it's just the other side of a plasterboard wall!

    Because none of the other 3 computers havy the same problem I was thinking it would be a software thing - any ideas oon that front?


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