Very, very slow mobo boot

In february this year I built a brand new PC. It runs fine, but it boots really slow.

Here are my specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955
Mobo: Asrock 970 extreme3
GPU: Radeon HD 6850
8 GB Mushking memory
OCZ Modxtreme 600W PSU

with slow boot I mean, the moment I press the power button, until the post-beep. This takes a abnormally long time, about 10-15 sec., and I don't know the reason. I'm booting from a 60 GB SSD, but before that I used a HDD, with the same results. Is this just a problem with the mobo, or do you think there's a malfunction?
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    Try changing the CMOS battery, and the same times reset cmos...
  2. I'll try that... I just recorded the time, it's 40 seconds before windows starts loading.
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