XFX ati 1GB DDR2 126bit 4650 agp in a Dell 4600 3 Ghz system with an agp slot 8X

I have a Dell 4600i bios ver. A06 with 1.5 GB ram and an 8X AGP slot. I bought a XFX ATI Radeon 4650 AGP 8X vid card. I can't make it work right. I had to re-install my operating sys(Window XP PRO) 5 times before I could even make it not sp0ntaneosly reboot after I installed the ATI Drivers. I finally installed an old version of the Catalyst driver set and it does power up and windows comes up, but I am using a old 20 Nec CRT display - a Very good one in its day - and I can't set the refresh rate above 60Khz even though the CCC driver control panel tells me its at 85 or even 120 or whatever I set it at it still runs a only 60Khz refresh rate and the card isn't Really working correctly. My bench marks are slower by Far than the old PCI Nvidia 8400GS 512MB that I had in it. If I could Only diable the onboard video controller I think it would work okay, because I Know that there is a memory conflict between the AGP ATI and the Intel onboard graphics controller.
Can ANYONE help me..?
Thank You.
Col Jerome Ralph -coljpr@hotmail.com
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  1. AGP hotfix drivers. You need to use these drivers or it will not work right.


    First download driver sweeper, uninstall all display drivers, boot into safemode and run driver sweeper, remove traces of previous driver installs, and boot into regular mode and install the hotfix drivers.
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