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Two GTX 560 Ti's killed by dual monitor?

I bought a 2GB Palit GTX 560 Ti, and it ran great with my single Acer monitor. I bought a second monitor, which arrived about a week after I put the computer together, and things quickly went south.

Within 5-10 minutes of running Battlefield Bad Company 2, I got a white screen. I Alt-C-D'd out of it and scratched my head. I tried again. Before, I played the game for a few hours on end on occasion. Why would it give me trouble then? I reloaded. Quickly, it did it again. I lowered the setting from pretty much the best available to a middle range, maybe this expensive, high end card just won't run the game at max settings with dual screen (yeah right). Same issue, but it took a little longer to occur. Settings on straight lowest. White screen, reboot, red lines on the Windows splash screen, and drivers have been corrupted. Reinstall all.

I tried the game with one monitor again. It worked for a bit, then green and blue squares would flash on the screen and the computer would restart. It started to have driver failures during youtube videos. I ran tests to check for any other possible issue (memtest86+ for RAM, etc), but all clean. I RMA'd, but had waited longer than Newegg's RMA period.

I'll say this. The Palit RMA process was bad. I paid for the shipping ($17 for my already expensive card) on what appeared to be one bad card. They gave no notice when they received the old card, and gave no notice when they shipped a replacement. I had to email the company that received it to find out when it would arrive. It took a couple days to get a response, so I looked for my UPS tracking number and confirmed they got it.

Anyway, I meant to load with a single monitor and move up to two with the new card, but I forgot the plan and loaded both. Everything appeared fine in Windows, so I moved to test a game. I wanted to try GTA IV, but I left the first disc on my dad's desk at home (I go to college elsewhere). So, back to BFBC2. 5-10 minutes after things going great, I got a black screen that acted like my white screen had (could still hear, just not see), which was, at least, a different problem. Ran Windows update, hoping it was something on their end. Played again. Black screen, immediately followed by a blue screen. After that, I restarted and started to browse the net to check the windows error number. I noticed when I moused over the tab that the colors were off on the Win 7 preview box. Then, I BSoD'd. Restart.

BSoD immediately after splash screen. Restart, BSoD after splash. Safe mode, works fine. Restart to normal, BSoD after splash. Safe mode, remove video drivers. Restart into Windows. Worked fine. Windows found my drivers, I let it restart, and BSoD after splash.

Obviously, this is another video card issue. Something has gone wrong again, but not the same thing as before, at least not exactly. The intial problem started with the addition of the second monitor, without a doubt.

But a $280 card that came out after the game should run dual screen. It should run the game perfectly. Well, I suppose it did, but not both at once, which it should be able to do as well. If anyone has encountered this problem before, I'd be grateful to know what's going on. Surely Palit's quality control isn't that it? I wouldn't have gone with them (hadn't heard of them before) if Newegg's reviews weren't great. There was mention of a guy getting a single bad card, which was replaced by a good one. Happens. But this?

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Just noticed at the end of this that the sub-category has a Palit section. I haven't written anything abusive, so I'll leave my typings up as my honest and unadulterated thoughts.

Computer specs

Intel i970 3.20GHz hex core processor
EVGA X58 Sli 3 mobo
8 GB Corsair RAM
8 GB Patriot RAM (exact same specs as Corsair, got one rebate for each :sol: )
Palit GTX 560 Ti 2GB video card
Thermaltake Toughpower 775 PSU
Basic others (hard drive, Blu-Ray burner, wireless card, etc)
Coolermaster HAF 922 case with its 2 200mm fans (1 in, 1 out) and 3 Coolermaster sickleflow 120mm fans (2 in, 1 out)
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  1. Dual screen gaming is not supported by any Nvidia cards, I'm surprised that you got it to work at all but I'm not surprised that you are having problems.
  2. Why, then, would it come with two DVI slots on a single card?
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    You can run two monitors from one card but gaming on dual monitors from a single card is not supported and 2D Surround Vision is only supported for three monitors that are run from two cards in SLi or one dual GPU card.
  4. That's unfortunate. Wish they'd include that in the manual, or...somewhere. The second monitor usually goes off (it occasionally shows Teamspeak), curious that the card doesn't protect itself from damage by doing that.

    At any rate, thanks a lot monkey.
  5. NP.
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