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Hello, I am new here and have been collecting old computer parts and am now trying to sell some items. Well, I need help identifying this really old motherboard I received about 10 years ago, but I have been holding on to for whatever reason :p but anyway, here is the link: I have some pictures I took of certain parts that may help figure this out, someone please help me.. If I posted this in the wrong section I am very sorry, as I didn't know where else to post :(
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  1. You got it 10 years ago but it may even be 20.
    Well it's got a 486 SX (no floating point unit) with an extension socket to add a floating point unit.
    Takes 30 pin SIMM RAM, made by OPTi that closed doors some years ago.
  2. I have tried searching online for all the labeled parts and I can't find this exact mobo.. does anyone know what this mobo might be worth? I saw one similar for $200 o.O
  3. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I am really curious to what this is from
  4. That board is at least twentyfive years old and it is only worth scrap.
  5. I'm agreeing with Knightdog here - I had a 486 back in '90 or so... your CPU is dated 1989... In those days you either bought an IBM machine or a clone (we're dismissing Apple here) - if a clone, motherboard info isn't like what's available today. You could try an image search for 486 motherboards and see if you can match it up to an image

    Although there are 486 enthusiasts, mostly they're looking for Sis, not OPTi boards. I think only a museum might be interested in purchasing it

    BTW, it's an SX486/25 - which is how you would've described your computer to someone then
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