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Bluetooth or Wireless keyboard for Media Center ?

Hi all,

I am looking to buy a new Keyboard for the media center (Adesso SlimTouch Bluetooth ) and it is Bluetooth why are they making this a Bluetooth and not Wireless ?

Is Bluetooth better than the Wireless, should I choose the Wireless version of it (Adesso Wireless Mini USB ) ?

I do not really know the diff between them so please help me! :pt1cable:

Thanks! :hello:
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  1. Bluetooth generally has a wider range than the wireless, and so is preferred, but can be a pain if it has to be paired every time you power off the PC.

    Wireless will just work, but may not have the same range or may be subject to more interruptions from outside interference.
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    Regular wireless is easier to set up and has the advantage of working prior to booting into Windows (such as in BIOS screens), if that's important to you. Bluetooth keyboards only work after booting into the OS.
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