GTX560 TI 2GB vs. 1GB

Hello, community,

I am currently running an ASUS GTX560 TI (that has 1GB of GPU memory onboard), using a very basic 22-inch LG 60hz monitor with maximum/recommended resolution of 1920x1080. I typically only play WoW, and like to play at max settings but still get 45-60 FPS.
Though I am very impressed by the performance of the card, I cannot pull off ultra settings and still achieve that definition of an ideal framerate. I have to turn down my shadows and light shafts to do it.

I run everything at stock and wish to remain using a single GPU (Nvidia preferred)
My modest system:

Intel Core i5 760 (no OC)
Windows 7 64-bit
Biostar TH55B
WD Blue 640 7200/Intel X-25 120GB SSD (OS & select programs)
8gb Wintec 1333
Coolermaster M600 Silent Pro

I build all my family's gaming computers. About every two years, I will construct a new build, using upper-mainstream components that are relatively modern for that given era and pass my old one to my kid, pass his to his mom, pass hers to someone else in the family, and so on.

My question is this:
given the basic montor specs above, and given that I really do like the 560 ti for its bang-for-the-buck, would a 2gb card help me to realize the ultra settings I seek, vs. the 1gb model I am currently running, or will I just need to settle on one of the GTX570 offerings?

Though I do like to at least think I'm future-proofing, I find it difficult to shell out $500+ for a GTX 580 as I believe it would be overkill with regard to my gaming needs. Additionally, I will admit that I am one who takes individuals' reviews into consideration when buying some of my parts, and I have not yet found a dual-fan design GTX570 in with convincing reviews (even the ASUS with the same design as my 560 TI). Therefore, that has led me here to ask some of your opinions, should you choose to share them.

Thank you, kindly, in advance

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  1. I doubt the 2gb card would make any difference at 1920x1080 regardless of settings...

    (GTX570s are coming down in price, with some at $289 after rebate)
  2. There isn't any point in having 2gb of video memory unless you are running a resolution higher than 1080p, you are running multiple 1080p monitors, or you are using some really high res texture packs. WoW also isn't a really demanding game graphically, and probably wouldn't even use 1gb of video memory, even on Ultra settings.
  3. Thank you both for your input. I will consider them both in reaching a decision :^D
  4. The GTX 570 is an exellent card and will run max settings for about 2-3 years at 1080p, I plan to get one Next year :)
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